Chocolate Masters Hangout #18: Chocolate pop up shops

(originally broadcast March 3, 2016)

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Chocolate pop up shops!
Where will your chocolate pop up next? Many chocolate businesses use pop up shops as a strategy to sell their products. A pop up shop is just a temporary retail location, but it can be a cart, a kiosk, or a temporary takeover of an existing retail space. One of the biggest challenges when you are starting a chocolate business is deciding how and where you will sell your products. Pop up shops can be an appealing retail strategy because it allows face to face interaction with your customers without the set up and overhead costs of a brick and mortar retail location. In this Chocolate Masters Hangout, we will talk to two chocolate business owners, Amy Jo Pedone of Valenza Chocolatier and Romeo Garcia of Romeo’s Chocolates about using pop up shops to sell their chocolates. We’ll talk about choosing a location for your pop up shop, working with retail partners that may be hosting you, promotion, and tips for success! 
Chocolatier & owner: Amy Jo Pedone, Valenza Chocolatier
Chocolatier & Owner: Romeo Garcia, Romeo Chocolates
Moderator: Alysha Kropf, Ecole Chocolat
Producer: Robert Ouimet, Big Snit Media
About our Panelists:
Amy Jo Pedone, Valenza Chocolatier
Amy Jo Pedone left a career in commercial real estate finance lending to pursue her passion for chocolate. She completed the Ecole Chocolat Professional Chocolatier and Master Chocolatier in Italy programs in 2011 and 2013 respectively. She opened her business Valenza Chocolatier in Cosa Mesa, California. Inspired by her family’s Italian heritage, many of her recipes are a nod to those classic flavors. She operates her business primarily out of The Hood, a combination of commercial kitchen space and market. She also sells her products online, and does custom orders.
Romeo Garcia, Romeo Chocolates
Romeo Garcia left a career in post-secondary education administration to launch a chocolate business in 2014 in Long Beach, California. Romeo became enamored with the artistry of design, flavors, and the richness of the story of chocolate-making from around the world.  An avid learner and traveler, Romeo graduated from Ecole Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Arts, completed the Master Chocolatier Program in Belgium, and traveled across Europe, South Pacific, and other regions to carefully source chocolates and ingredients.

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  1. As a current Echol Chocolat student I would love to know more about the actual set up for the pop up shop. Do they find there is an optimal size? Where do they keep the majority of their stock during the pop up? Thanks!

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