Outdoor Touchscreen Kiosk, Chartiers Valley H.S. Memorial Kiosk, ViewStation by ITSENCLOSURES

In 2016, Chartiers Valley, a school district outside of Pittsburgh, PA, contacted ITSENCLOSURES to review some options for a memorial kiosk to commemorate local men and women who gave their lives during the Vietnam War. Chartiers Valley School District Discover A Lot More

How to build a Gazebo. DIY Timber Frame Wood back yard Gazebo. Simple woodwork Pergola & Round

FREE Wood Plans ➤ http://www.TheWoodPlans.com How to build a gazebo from scratch. How to Gazebo Construction. Wood Plans are available for this Back Yard Wooden Gazebo at: http://www.TheWoodPlans.com This my my own construction of my Wooden Gazebo Discover A Lot More

3 Tips for Using Digital Signage in Outdoor Wayfinding Projects VLOG – ViewStation by ITSENCLOSURES

When visiting a college campus, healthcare facility, or amusement park, using digital signage, in the form of wayfinding kiosks, to figure out your current location - or destination - is extremely important. End users should keep the message simple. Discover A Lot More