ALC Technologies Pte Ltd.

ALC Technologies Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore on March 1992. Prior to incorporation, we were operating from Applied Logic Consultants, a System Integrator and Solutions provider for barcode and magnetic products for Industrial and Factory Automation since 1987.

Our management and staff consist of people who have extensive experience in Automatic Identification products for application in Banking and Self-Service Kiosk, Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistic, Distribution and Retails and OEM arena. Our sales and marketing personnel market our value added services for software application and hardware expertise to Multi-National Companies, Local SME and Government Linked Companies. Our customer services and support personnel are mainly from Electronic Engineering Discipline each with 2 years to 10 years of working experience. Our software development personnel have extensive experience in the use of C & C++, Visual Fox Pro, MS Access, Java, and MS-SQL languages to develop programs running on Handheld Terminals, PCs and Local Area Networks.

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